What We Do



Even with particularly difficult process serving assignments, our clients can be confident. Vanguard agents have the experience, knowledge and availability to ensure that your documents are served in a legal and timely manner. Our agents are fully licenced, insured and trained, to ensure that your documents are served in accordance with the relevant Civil Procedure Rules. 

Common Jurisdictions that we serve:

  • QCAT Documents

  • Magistrate Court Documents

  • District Court Documents

  • Supreme Court Documents

  • Federal Circuit Court Documents

  • Family Law Court Documents

Common Documents that we serve:

Claim and Statement of Claim:

A claim form is a brief description of what a plaintiff is claiming from a defendant, while the statement of claim outlines the claim in detail.

A claim and statement of claim can be used to start proceedings for varying amounts, whether for an agreed or fixed amount of money, or unknown amounts such as damages or breach of contracts.

Examples of a claim may include:

  • Money owing on a debt

  • Damages to a motor vehicle

  • Breach of contract

  • Defamation.


A judicial summons is served on a person involved in a legal proceeding. The summons announces a date by which the person or persons summoned must either appear in court, or respond in writing to the court or the opposing party or parties. This is a court order to appear for a court-listed matter. As our matters are Civil in nature, they will most likely require attendance for an Civil Enforcement Hearing.

Divorce Applications:

You can apply for a divorce by yourself (sole application) or together with the other party to the marriage (joint application). If you make a sole application, you are known as the applicant. The other party is known as the respondent. For a joint application, both parties are known as joint applicants. Family Law Applications: These could be for a variety of reasons normally based around Child Custody and Divorce or Separation conditions. Locate more information by visiting the Family Law Court website from our "Helpful Links".

Letters of Demand:

A letter of demand is usually sent when you have tried unsuccessfully to get your invoice paid and it is the right time to take more serious action. Often this is the final reminder letter before taking legal action. Having a demand letter personally delivered by one of our agents ensures a better result than one simply posted. 

Creditors Petition: 

A creditor's petition is a document lodged with a court by a creditor (someone who is owed money) against a debtor (the person who owes money to the creditor). The purpose of the creditor's petition is to ask the court to make a debtor bankrupt.



Our field call service is an invaluable ‘investigator on the ground’ means of establishing information. Moreover, it helps to establish attitudes and intentions for all manner of circumstances.

We are normally issued instructions when our client has lost contact with the debtor or the debtor has failed to respond to previous arrangements with our client.  


It is our responsibility, on behalf of the client, to obtain an outcome from every attendance. Whether that be updating and obtaining all of the debtors contact details, to arranging a payment plan with them. Essentially, each attendance should leave the client with an outcome that is solid and backed by information we have collected.  


It is always our responsibility to speak to the debtor in person, and not to discuss the debtors’ information with any persons who are not authorized. 

Common reasons Vanguard are engaged to conduct a Field Call:

  • Collection of debts.

  • Motor Vehicle Finance Loan Arrears. 

  • Mortgaged Property Occupancy Checks. 

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Investigations for Insurance and Third Party Claims.

  • Trademark and Infringement Investigations.

  • Locating and obtaining evidence to support the location of a Person Of Interest (POI).



In what can be a high risk and highly emotive environment, our highly trained field representatives achieve extremely successful outcomes, from negotiating the repayment of an outstanding amount to repossessing goods in the most difficult of circumstances.  We have extensive connections in the North QLD region to assist in locating vehicles, plant and equipment that needs collection and have round the clock tow truck operators and storage facilities at our disposal.

What you will receive when using Vanguard Mercantile repossession services:

  • Location, collection, storage and delivery of your asset to your prefered location with fixed fee pricing. 

  • Experienced, qualified and insured agents - don't take a chance on an agent that doesn't understand the complexity of Repossession Regulations. 

  • Regular client updates - This sounds like something that should be expected, we ensure our agents adhere to strict reporting timeframes to ensure you should never need to ask for an update. 

  • Detailed condition reports - We use in house designed and tested condition report templates to capture all asset details and damage if any. 

  • Secure access to your files, reports, invoices and photos - We use industry leading software and database encryption to protect your, and your clients information. 



When it comes to vehicle insurance claims or loan and debt enquiries, it is essential for our clients to have all the information they need from the debtor, to determine their next course of action. There is a large cost involved in seeking court action and this can be avoided with thorough field investigations and interviews with the debtor.  This can lead to a payment arrangement that is suitable to your needs. 

Our agents are comprehensively trained to gather as much information as possible with each interaction. It is possible to have an outcome that maintains debtor advocacy while you gather a result, and an acceptable payment plan or full payment. 

Why a Factual Investigation may be your best solution:

  • Determining circumstances behind non-payment or broken arrangements.

  • You need to verify or update the contact details of Persons of Interest (POI).

  • Establishing current credit check information and loan particulars. 

  • Making demand for payment of debt

  • Motor vehicle accident enquiries and third party claims

  • Collection and Reporting photographic evidence.



Remove the hassle of taking possession of your property by appointing Vanguard to represent you. We represent you in the process of either taking vacant possession of your secured asset or through an eviction process. Our agents provide detailed observations and condition reports along with extensive photographs of your asset and land throughout the process.

We have conducted hundreds of Mortgagee Property Repossessions across North Queensland, and have established an extensive network of locksmiths, removalists and local law enforcement relationships to expedite the process. 

How Vanguard Mercantile can assist you in the recovery of your property or vacant land:

  • Detailed Condition Reports - We can use your condition report template or one of our in house designed and tested condition report templates to capture all property details, damage (if any) and recommendations to make the property ready for marketing and appraisal. 

  • Detailed Photographs - We provide internal and external photographs of the property including any chattels, damage, or risks that need to be managed. 

  • Key handling register - We provide a key handling procedure and registry for the tracking of your newly secured property. We hand deliver keys to Real Estate agents for no extra charge (postage or service fees may apply if the delivery address is outside of properties region). 

  • Risk analysis and recommendations - We provide a risk analysis and recommendations in order for the property to be ready for a marketing appraisal and or evaluation. 



Locating a person of interest can be time consuming and costly. Vanguard will advise clients on the most effective approach with a view to achieving prompt outcomes and delivering value for investment. 

Our agents utilize a broad spectrum of both public available and private databases to qualify our findings. 

What your skip trace report includes:

  • Legally and Ethically gathered intelligence and information - We use information that is either publicly listed, part of a paid search through our network of information databases or through on the ground interviews and investigations. Rest assured all information we obtain is sourced from legal practices we do not condone the use of illegal search methods. 

  • Detailed report - Including any confirmed and verified contact information, any employment details, any social networking activities and other information that may assist in locating the POI.

  • Lead Address either a residential or employment address. It may also be an establishment that te POI frequently visits or attends.

  • 28 day guarantee - A located address is guaranteed for 28 days once identified. If the Person Of Interest (POI) moves within this time, and we have not indicated they are likely to move or a move is iminent, we will provide and cover any further search fees until the person is located. 



Our process servers provide Affidavits of Attempted Service at no extra charge, which can be used for claiming costs. These affidavits can also be used when applying for an Order for Substituted Service of unserved legal documents where a defendant is known to reside at a given address, but is never home or is actively avoiding the service of documents by the process server.

What our Affidavit Service includes:

  • Drafting of Affidavit appropriate to the Jurisdiction - Whether its a Family Law Court matter or a minor civil dispute we are able to draft the Affidavit of Service or Attempt in the correct format to ensure it is accepted as proof of service for you. 

  • Registered post delivery - We post all of our Affidavits of Service via registered post to enable you to track its progress if needed. 

  • Electronic Scanning and Filing - If your matter is urgent and it is able to be uploaded to the relevant court portal online we are able to supply the Affidavit to you in advance of the original being posted. 



We specialise in small business Enforcement Hearing Interviews and all the steps of the Order of Enforcement Process. Sitting across the table from a debtor who owes you money can make the interview process hostile and emotive. Let our agents represent you at the hearing and they will conduct the interview without any emotional distraction.

Our agents are trained to understand the complexities of the Enforcement Hearing process and will assist and take the lead throughout the various stages of the enforcement process, including:

  • Service of Enforcement Hearing Summons;

  • Oral Examination and completion of the Debtors' Statement of Financial Position;

  • Representation at the Enforcement Hearing.

  • Collection and Collation of supporting documents and statements. 

  • Escalation process for Debtor non compliance.



If you suspect your property is vacant or you simply wish to confirm a property's occupancy status, our agents are able to conduct these investigations with discretion and professionalism. Communication and tact are vital to ensure that the property's occupancy status is correctly assessed and any information for the tenants/occupiers are obtained should further action be required. 

What an Occupancy Check Includes:

  • Verification of current tenant/s - We update the current tenant information, including names, real estate agencies and lease or tenancy agreement details.

  • Detailed Condition Reports - We can use your condition report template or one of our in house designed and tested condition report templates to capture all property details, damage (if any) and recommendations to make the property ready for marketing and appraisal. 

  • Detailed Photographs - We provide internal and external photographs of the property including any chattels, damage, or risks that need to be managed. 

  • Risk analysis and recommendations - We provide a risk analysis and recommendations on the property to assist in your next course of action.