How To Instruct Us



Email your documents in PDF format to or post to:

Vanguard Mercantile

PO Box 302

Deeragun  QLD  4818



A cover letter addressed to Vanguard Mercantile instructing us to process serve documents on your behalf. Please ensure your letter clearly outlines the name of the Defendant/Respondent or other party being served, the address the process server will be attending and any additional information that may assist in getting your document served, including the Defendant/Respondents employment or alternative address and contact telephone numbers. Your letter must also contain your full name, address, email address and contact telephone numbers.

A photograph of the Defendant/Respondent (if available) that may be later filed at the Court. This is important in family law matters as the photograph may be annexed to the affidavit of service. It is also important to include a photograph for the process server to identify the Defendant/Respondent if it is believed that they may attempt to deny his/her identity in order to avoid being served by our process server.