Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mercantile Agent?

A Mercantile Agent combines the essential mercantile activities of debt collection and process servicing among other activities for a third party, normally a Financial Institution, Insurance Provider or Legal Firm. An agent is an authorised person to act as their representative in whatever manner they require field work to be completed on their behalf. A process server is similar to a debt collector, but serves documents (such as a summons, Claims and Statement of Claims, Family Court Documents and Letters of Demand) instead of collecting debts.

A debt collector is a person who collects debts on behalf of a business.

This could be:

- A creditor collecting a debt themselves (this includes ‘assignees’ – people or businesses who have been sold or ‘assigned’ a debt by the original creditor) or someone on behalf of the creditor (for example, an independent collection agency).

If a debt collector contacts you about a legitimate debt, be co-operative but also expect to be treated professionally.

Why do I need an agent to represent me?

Our agents are extensively trained in the area of interviewing and investigating which is essential in Factual Investigations and Field Calls. We can attend a large geographical region in North Queensland, and outside that area on price by negotiation. If you are interstate and require representation in North Queensland, we can represent you with the supply of a Letter Of Authority - significantly reducing costs and expediting a payment outcome - or the information you require in order to make an informed financial decision on your next step. If you require an agent to collect a high value asset, either for a commercial or retail loan, we have extensive connections and contacts with various other stakeholders in the industry to expedite the recovery of your asset. Enforcement Hearings are a stressful and often emotional process in the recovery of your judgement amount. We can represent you throughout the process, from the initial hearing, to requesting an Apprehension Warrant. We include a detailed report from the hearing, including a thorough supporting document portfolio. Vanguard Mercantile is appropriately insured for Public and Product Liability and Professional Indemnity.

I need documents served. How do I engage Vanguard?

Once you've decided to engage our services, engaging us is a straight-forward process. Simply email your PDF documents, instructions and letter of authority to us and we will contact you with a customised quote for one-off jobs or engage in a service level agreement for on-going work. A cover letter addressed to Vanguard Mercantile instructing us to process serve documents on your behalf. Please ensure your letter clearly outlines the name of the Defendant/Respondent or other party being served, the address the process server will be attending and any additional information that may assist in getting your document served, including the Defendant/Respondents employment or alternative address and contact telephone numbers. Your letter must also contain your full name, address, email address and contact telephone numbers.
A photograph of the Defendant/Respondent (if available) that may be later filed at the Court. This is important in family law matters as the photograph may be annexed to the affidavit of service. It is also important to include a photograph for the process server to identify the Defendant/Respondent if it is believed that they may attempt to deny his/her identity in order to avoid being served by our process server.

What areas do you service?

We manage agents over the North Queensland area covering Bowen to the South, Cardwell to the North and West to Charters Towers (areas outside this can be serviced by negotiation). Locations within the service area include: Cardwell (Hinchinbrook area) Lucinda Ingham Palm Island Townsville Magnetic Island Ayr Home Hill Bowen Charters Towers See maps here for more information.

I received a calling card from Vanguard. What should I do next?

Respond promptly with a phone call to prevent further attendances, especially if you are not the person the card was left for. The Agent will advise you of the next step. If you are unsure how to respond please see ACCC guidelines for Dealing with Debt Collectors.